Our Team

A great warior is not someone who defeat many opponents, but a person who hold the heart of everyone

Founder & CEO - Mr. Philip Le

“A great warrior is not someone who defeats many opponents, but a person who holds the heart of everyone.”

We had a dream. Now let’s work hard with all our efforts!

Operation Manager - Ms. Rachel Tran

Pet Prince has four central departments: Finance & Administration Department, Sales Department, Marketing Department, Foreign Trade Department. With young, enthusiastic, experienced, and capable personnel, our members are united by a strong teamwork spirit, a culture of humanism, and a passion for the pet care field.

Finance & Administration Department:

An essential part of the company, our Finance & Administration Department's commission, ensures a strong and healthy financial foundation by providing administrative and human support services, guarantees a solid and healthy economic base so that other departments can operate smoothly.

We had a dream. Now let’s work hard with all our efforts!

Chief Accountant - Ms. Le Nguyen Nha Y

We had a dream. Now let’s work hard with all our efforts!

Sales Administrator - Ms. Huynh Nguyen Nhu Ngoc

Sales Department:

Plays a central position in the success of the business. Our Sales Department's unique and essential function is to bridge the gap between the potential customer's needs and the organization's products to fulfill their needs. Our Sales Department is still looking for new partnerships. We are always ready to support our customers for stable and robust growth.

We had a dream. Now let’s work hard with all our efforts!

Sales Team Leader - Ms. Le Pham Quynh Nhu

Marketing Department:

Creativity and enthusiasm live the qualities our Marketing Department carries on. Our responsibility reaches out to prospects, investors, and the community while creating an overarching image representing the product in a positive light.

We had a dream. Now let’s work hard with all our efforts!

Trade Marketing Team Leader - Ms. Huynh Thi Kim Tuyen

Foreign Trade Department: 

We constantly want to deliver many great products to customers. Our Foreign Trade Department has enthusiastically searched and collected many different products from around the world. Making our customers happy and satisfied with every order is our most priority, our highest joy, and our target.

Warehouse Team: 

One of the most important aspects of having successful warehouse processes within a business is the warehouse team's quality. We always focus on each order's quality, monitoring and adjusting protocols and processes based on key metrics for the proper packing and shipping of each order can gain operational efficiency.

Salesperson Team: 

The best salespeople possess personal qualities that drive sales success. In conjunction with excellent selling skills, these qualities are a potent combination that leads to higher win rates and better results. We always focus on training salesperson staff because this is the springboard for the growing business.

At Pet Prince, we always believe that real success comes from our collective strength. Since the first days of establishment, with the strong willpower of pioneers, step by step, Pet Prince has steadily become a reputable brand name in the field of pet care – pet food in Vietnam.

With the thirst for knowledge and promotion, Pet Prince members have come together aiming at a common goal: bringing the best to our customers. We believe that success does not just number but the trust and support of all partners, agents, and consumers.